Working at Fox Searchlight.. For 2 Days

I’ve only made it through two days of being an intern at Fox Searchlight but I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute so far!

I started on Tuesday. Orientation was at 9 a.m. where I was able to meet other interns, learn some important Fox Facts, learn about the privacy policy and get a tour of the lot.

The Fox lot is huge. They have their own New York City street set!  They have sound stages, restaurants, a Fox Store, and so much more! Fox is so influential in the film industry that you can’t help but feel important even just driving up to the gate, or in my case walking in from the bus stop. The bus system hasn’t given me too much trouble yet.  Knock on wood.

Fox Lot Map.


From there I went to go meet my supervisor Brian.  Brian is pretty young and very helpful.  He actually was an intern at Searchlight too when he was younger and came back to work here after being at other companies.  He gave me a tour of the Searchlight building and introduced me to everyone.

I’m not sure if it’s an LA thing, or maybe just a Fox thing but everyone I met was so genuinely nice! I never felt like the run and get coffee kind of intern.  Everyone was interested in talking to me about my life, school work and interests.

Then I got to go to lunch with Brian and the other Searchlight intern, Will.

The next night I got to go to a screening of Fox Searchlight’s newest movie, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl that is being released tomorrow in select cities. It’s very good, I suggest you see it!  I think any movie that can make you laugh and cry is something special. And this movie is definitely something special.

Fox Searchlight’s newest movie Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Go see it! Fun Fact: I met the guy who created this poster.

As an intern I only work 20 hours a week but I wish I could work more!  Even though I’ve only been there two days, everything I’ve been able to do and be a part of has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what else I get to do.