My First 3 Days in LA

Well it’s official, I’ve lasted my first three days in Los Angeles.  These past three days have been exciting and nerve-wracking!  I flew to LAX from O’Hare Saturday morning with my dad.  My dad is staying in LA until Thursday just to make sure I get settled okay and know what I’m doing.  We got to LA around noon on Saturday.

A view of LA as we land.


Right after we landed and got our luggage we had to go to Budget to get our rental car.  Normally getting a rental car does not take that long but for whatever reason we had to wait ALMOST TWO HOURS to get ours!  It was a bad experience to have after having just been sitting on a plane for almost 4 hours.

Rental car line nightmare.

Here’s a picture of the line.  From this spot it took us about an hour to actually get up to the counter.  The line weaved in the lobby of the building, and around outside.

After we finally got our rental we were off trying to maneuver LA traffic to my dad’s AirB&B that he is staying at for the duration of his trip.  He’s staying right next to the Santa Monica Pier!  It’s an absolutely gorgeous area with fun activities for people of all ages to do!

My dad’s AirB&B located directly next to the Santa Monica Pier.
Clayton Joseph Scott and band playing on the Pier.

We ended Saturday by eating dinner at Steak and Shake in the Promenade in Santa Monica, then listening to music on the pier and walking on the beach.

Santa Monica Pier.

We woke up and got breakfast at Starbucks and then moved into where I’ll be staying for the summer!  I’m staying in a sorority house on UCLA‘s campus that rents out rooms over the summer.

My home for the summer.

This week I have 3 other roommates, 2 of which are from outside the United States.  The house is split where some of us are just arriving and staying for the summer and some of the girls are just starting their finals week for UCLA.  Next week I switch rooms where I’ll only have one other roommate.  Because I switch rooms I’m not unpacking my suitcases because I don’t want to have to repack to move again. Because of this I am currently living out of two suitcases, a backpack, a carry-on, and two cosmetic bags.  I also got stuck with the top bunk of a bed so it’s been a little difficult adjusting to not really having my own space.

After getting moved in we headed to meet my dad’s friends for a late lunch.  My dad’s friend, Heather, works at Fox Searchlight Pictures and she and her husband Ray met us at a cute restaurant in West Hollywood called the Courtyard Kitchen.  I got the chance to ask Heather some questions I had about starting my internship!

After lunch we headed to Target to pick up some essentials that I wasn’t able to fit into my luggage including pillows, a blanket, shower caddy and everything that goes in it, a hair-dryer, laundry detergent, a beach towel and some sunscreen!

Next we decided that we’d take the bus route that I’ll have to take to work.  My dad seems to have a knack for getting around a busy city but I was a little lost.  I now carry around this Big Blue Bus Map around with me just incase I get lost.

LA’s Big Blue Bus map.

There’s even a mall on the way there! It takes two busses and about a half hour to get from where I’m staying to Fox Studios.  When we got to the Production Lot I got even more excited for my internship!

Fox Studios!!! Cue choir of angels.


After walking around the area around Fox Studios for a little while, we took the busses back to where our car was and went to dinner at a place Heather and Ray recommended.  It was a nice restaurant called The Lobster. It wasn’t too far from where my dad is staying.  The restaurant had fantastic ocean views and delicious food!  I’m usually not a big fan of seafood but of course when you go to a place called The Lobster, you know what you’re going to order before you even get to your table.  My dad and I split a 1.5lb lobster which was plenty!  The lobster also came with a side of potatoes and green beans.

Lobster from The Lobster in Santa Monica.


After getting stuffed from lobster I went back and spent my first night in the house.

This morning I woke up to do a dry run of the bus system by myself to time how long it takes me to get to Fox Studios during a weekday morning.

Then my dad and I walked around the UCLA campus to see if there will be any activities that I can do over the summer.  The campus is beautiful and, compared to Drake, it’s huge!

For an early dinner we went to another place Heather and Ray suggested.  This restaurant is called Duke’s and it’s located on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Driving through Malibu is amazing.  There’s a lot of twists and turns and expensive houses everywhere.  In Duke’s we thought we saw Lenny Kravitz, but sadly it was not him.

Duke’s on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.
View from table at Duke’s.
Ocean view.

There were even more amazing ocean views from Duke’s.  We ordered an appetizer of a chicken quesadilla and then split their pulled pork sandwich for an entree.  Both of which were delicious!

Next we drove back along the PCH and stopped for a picture of the beautiful coast.

Panoramic from the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

It was a great ending to the day!

Now I’m ready for a good night’s sleep before I start my first day as an intern at Fox Searchlight Pictures tomorrow!  I’m a little nervous but very excited!