About Me

Hi,  I’m Jessica DiDominick.  I recently graduated from Drake University with a BA degree in Radio-Television Producing.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Below I have answered some questions that I get asked a lot, please feel free to reach out to me with other inquires!


Where are you from?

I am originally from Elmhurst, IL, a normal and cute western Chicago suburb.  I moved to LA in June 2017 after graduation.

What are you interested in?

I’m really interested in working in Film or TV Development or Acquisition or Late-Night TV.  I like to see the hard work that goes into the creative process for movies and TV, and what makes them great.

What do you like most about working in LA?

The people and the work I’ve had the chance to be a part of.  The people in the entertainment industry are some of the most hard-working and determined.  It’s an amazing thing to see someone work hard at something that they are so passionate about.  I’ve been lucky enough to work and intern in some amazing departments and get a glimpse into the day to day process of working on some big-name projects.

How would you describe yourself in 140 characters or less?

Ambitious with a good sense of humor and a drive to pursue a career in media.  Ability to rap Kanye West = added bonus.


Other fun facts about me:

  • Gordon Ramsay once asked me where the bathroom was during my internship with Fox TV in their Casting Department
  • I met David Muir from World News Tonight when he was in Des Moines for the Iowa Caucuses
  • I was a Line Producer for the Drake 2015 Relays, the Drake Relays are the largest student run broadcast
  • My family has a Welsh corgi named Eddie, and he is my mom’s favorite child